Perform at your best

What are you like when you’re at your best? How do you feel when you’re really on form, and everything is going right?

Perhaps you’ve experienced “flow states” like this when you’re doing something challenging and involving at work. Maybe you’ve felt it when playing a sport, or a musical instrument, when you’re absorbed in a hobby, or even when you’re socialising, and the conversation, jokes and shared laughter just flow all night.

What you’ve probably noticed is that feeling “in flow” is more than just an enjoyable sensation. It’s an accurate message letting you know that you are performing at your peak. When you’re like this your movements are smoother, you’re more creative, more accurate and quick-witted – to put it simply, you are much better.

You’ve probably also noticed other times when you’re feeling worried, distracted, or self-conscious. Your mind feels cluttered, and there’s a sinking discomfort in the pit of your stomach. When you’re like that you simply can’t perform as well.

A top performer or athlete whose mind is cluttered with worries is not able to draw on their full resources and deliver the very best they are capable of. This is why so many sports stars rely on sports psychologists to help them produce consistently brilliant results. How much better could you become if you could do the same?

Peak performance coaching can help you discover how to consistently make full use of your talents. You will leave with the ability to access the best of your inner resources and creativity whenever you need to, and to really shine at whatever it is you do.

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Joe Kao DHypPsych(UK)
Cambridge brief therapist and hypnotherapist


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