Anxiety and phobias

Joe’s knowledge and use of psychology, paired with hypnotherapy, works so well. His skill with treating my crippling phobia of rodents has helped me in so many ways. I now feel able to deal with deeper issues in my life. I cannot thank him enough for his sensitive and thorough approach to my dilemma. M. Reid – who had a phobia of mice and rats

No baby is born with a fear of spiders, of flying in an aeroplane, or of public speaking. Any unwanted fear you have isn’t something you were born with, it’s something you have learned. And just as a child can learn to be afraid of the dark, and then learn to sleep soundly with the lights off, so you can learn to significantly reduce or eliminate your anxiety.

I use a variety of modern psychological approaches when working with anxiety, including the Rewind Technique, Integral Eye Movement Technique, NLP and mindfulness.

Whichever techniques we focus on in the session, the fundamental strategy is always the same – to help you to instinctively connect a feeling of calm indifference to the thoughts and situations that have been triggering the anxiety.

Everyone is different, and sometimes people experience dramatic changes right away, whilst other people gradually learn to calm down their fear over several sessions. But in the majority of cases I will be able to help you to significantly reduce your anxiety or eliminate it completely, so that you can feel calmly detached and relaxed about the things that used to trigger the old fear.

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Joe Kao DHypPsych(UK)
Cambridge brief therapist and hypnotherapist


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