Every year we have one or two exceptional students and Joe was one of those in 2005. His gentle, confident manner, great command of hypnotic skills and clarity of thought will enable him to apply his skills in a variety of therapeutic settings and bring countless benefit to those who work with him. Jill Wootton – Head Trainer at Uncommon Knowledge

Joseph’s hypnotherapy sessions were transformational. His incredible application of a variety of therapeutic techniques, and constant encouragement, gave me hope when everything felt bleak, and over time helped me to overcome panic attacks and get back in to work.  A. Rogers - Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I just wanted to let you know how well I got on making the speech at the wedding at the weekend, check me out in the picture attached! I was like a natural up there and as soon as I had the first laugh out the way, I felt so comfortable I could have stayed up there all night.

Even before I didn’t feel anywhere near as nervous as I expected to and I was really looking forward to it. I can definitely feel the effects of the therapy in other areas too and feel much more confident at work.

Rachael R. – Fear of Public Speaking

Joseph’s knowledge and use of psychology, paired with hypnotherapy, works so well. His skill with treating my crippling phobia of rodents has helped me in so many ways. I now feel able to deal with deeper issues in my life. I cannot thank him enough for his sensitive and thorough approach to my dilemma. M. Reid - Fear of Rats and Mice

Joe has changed my life around! When I first went to see him I was coming out of a difficult relationship and I felt as if I was losing control of things and was reacting to all of this by comfort eating which wasn’t making me feel any better. Joe listened and showed me techniques I could use every day to make me feel better.

I’ve used these techniques for all sorts of situations and feel as if I’ve totally got my life back under control. I also haven’t touched peanut butter on toast since! Joe is fantastic at showing you your problem from a different angle you hadn’t even considered before. He completely refocuses you and I left feeling so much better.

George G. – Stress and Anxiety

Joe Kao DHypPsych(UK)
Cambridge brief therapist and hypnotherapist


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