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Joe Kao DHypPsych(UK) is an experienced brief therapist and solution-focused hypnotherapist. He has been treating people since 2005, and he has worked as both a supervisor and a teacher on psychotherapy training courses.

Joe is the co-creator of several hundred highly-regarded hypnosis recordings, which have been used by over a quarter of a million people.

In his personal life, Joe is the father of two young boys, and he has a lifelong passion for acting, improvised theatre and Shakespeare.


  • Brief therapist and solution-focused hypnotherapist since 2005.
  • Head scriptwriter for HypnosisDownloads.com, and co-author of over 800 professional hypnotherapy scripts.
  • Supervisor and mentor on the Uncommon Knowledge hypnotherapy diploma course.
  • Experienced at assessing and marking trainee therapists’ sessions.
  • Hired to give workshops on hypnotic metaphor for NLP Master Practitioner trainings.
  • Co-developer and teacher of Precision Hypnosis, an online advanced hypnosis training course.


  • Advanced Hypnotic Language Workshop – Michael Breen – 2016
  • The Neuron Code – Six Day Practitioner Course – Michael Perez – 2015
  • Provocative Change Works – Practitioner Course – Nick Kemp – 2014
  • How to Break the Cycle of Depression – Joe Griffin – 2013
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis with Stephen Gilligan – 2012
  • Provocative Therapy with Frank Farrelly and Nick Kemp – 2011
  • Spiral Somatics with James Tsakalos – 2010
  • Provocative Change Works – with Nick Kemp – 2010
  • Advanced Coaching and Changework with Michael Perez – 2012
  • Society of NLP Licenced Master Practitioner with Michael Breen – 2007
  • Integral Eye Movement training with Andrew Austin – 2007
  • Creating Therapeutic Change with Andrew Austin – 2007
  • Trance-endental Journeys – Exploring Altered States workshop – Michael Perez 2007
  • Dance of the Elements – Bodywork and Personal Change with Joseph Riggio – 2006
  • One year diploma in solution focused therapy, hypnotherapy and The Human Givens with Uncommon Knowledge – 2005
  • Society of NLP Licenced Practitioner course – Paul Mckenna, Michael Breen & Richard Bandler – 2000
  • B.A. in Philosophy from UCL, with a special interest in the philosophy of mind and Wittgenstein


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Joe Kao DHypPsych(UK)
Cambridge brief therapist and hypnotherapist


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